Sexplanations Road Tour

curious across the country

There’s going to be a stop in KNOXVILLE!!! If you want more information, here’s a link to the facebook page:

Sex Educational RV Wrap Reveal

Want to take a tour?????


We’re headed your way.
We haven’t secured a venue so we’ll be stopping at various places in your city to park the RV and talk to people passing by. Please come say hi!
1st stop: Botanical Garden, eta 12:40
2nd stop: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eta 3:30
3rd stop: Emory University
4th stop: Charis Bookstore, eta 5:00
5th stop: Spelman College, eta 6:00

Then tomorrow, April 10th, we’ll do:
6th stop: Centennial Park, eta 8:00 AM
7th stop: Puppet museum, eta 9:00

Tonight in Biloxi

from 6-7 today we’re meeting outside Belk in the common area there, at the mall. This is a change in location due to the weather.



I’m consolidating day 1 and 2 into one event. March 30th’s event IS NOT HAPPENING. Go learn about politics instead.


Right now I’m in the Sexplanations Road Tour RV with my partner driving north to Austin, Texas. The roads are smooth but dodging all the semi trucks is a wild ride. Woooo!
We’re on day 15 of the second leg of the trip and very busy. Tonight I’m giving a talk at Southwestern University in Georgetown and first thing tomorrow morning I have a radio interview before returning to Georgetown for a second night of sex education on the Southwestern campus.

In case you’d like details here are links to both event pages and the radio show.


Stay curious,


The SEXPLANATIONS ROAD TOUR is stopping in San Antonio tonight for free, open to the public, medically accurate sex education. You don’t want to miss it! The host of the show is Dr. Lindsey Doe is a clinical sexologist and doctor of human sexuality who also hosts a YouTube channel called Sexplanations. With over 600,000 subscribers and 300+ videos, Dr. Doe’s content has been very successful at increasing sexual literacy. BUT she still wants to reach more of you and in more personal ways.

The SEXPLANATIONS ROAD TOUR is a five month long service project to give communities with low, no, or poor sex education a comprehensive option. Driving an RV across the country, Dr. Doe and her partner are meeting up with people like you to answer your sex questions, energize your curiosity, and inspire you to carry the message of sex positivity to others. She’ll discuss pleasure, relationships, hygiene, identity, physiology, and some of the challenges her clients has overcome so you can learn from their experiences. It will be edutaining and if nothing else you’ll leave truly believing that masturbation is not a sin.

To learn more about the tour and Dr. Doe visit:
And to learn more about sexuality, join us this evening for real sex education.

The event is free to attend. If you would like to make a donation to support the costly adventure to sex educate the country there are many ways to show support at THANK YOU

Monday March 25, 2019
5-6:30 PM

These are the Sexplanations Road Tour stops as of March 15th, 2019. For an updated list please go to

And if you want to help with the tour (which we would love), is the best way to get in contact with the trip coordinator.