Sexplanations Road Tour

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Welcome, Adventurer!

If you’re here, that means you have some interest in seeing our Road Tour in a town or city near you. Driving around the country, stopping in towns which might not have great access to sex education and setting up a stage to teach anyone who shows up about anatomy, pleasure, hygiene, and consent - anything our audiences want to know. Want to help? Great! Join our Patreon here:

What we're doing

Over the past five years, we've created nearly 300 videos on sexual health, enjoyment, and history. The channel just passed the half-million subscriber mark earlier this year and all of this is in no small part thanks to you -- fans who value comprehensive sex education and those of you who also have the ability to provide financial backing so that we keep the show free for as large of a viewing platform as possible.
But now, we’re hitting the road! Everyone who donates gets a ballot to vote on two places you’d like us to sex educate. We have a starting list of tour locations and we’ll add more just as quickly as we hear from you. Got questions? Check out our FAQs. Just want to join in the excitement? Donate now.

What will we be learning?

For more than four years, Sexplanations has been the go-to source for clinical sex edutainment on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a big journey, Doe-Nation and there are a ton of questions. Here are a few that we’ve heard, we’ll sure there will be many more!
Q01: What are you doing on this trip? What are your goals?
A01: AWESOME QUESTION! We’re going around the country to set up presentations and answer whatever sex-related questions we can. We are hoping to focus on communities that might not have the availability of online platforms or well-structured school curriculums, as they inherently have the most to benefit.
Q02: When will this trip happen?
A02: GLAD YOU ASKED! Our current goal is to start this tour in early December and keep it going through March or even longer.
Q03: Where do you plan on going?
A03: ANOTHER GREAT QUESTION! By supporting this project, you will get to nominate (not one, but) two locations for the tour to stop. During the planning stages of the tour, all the nominations will be tallied to plan the most geographically inclusive tour possible.
Q04: Will the weekly Sexplanations videos still be happening?
Q05: How can I support the Road Head tour?
A05: BEST! QUESTION! EVER! Our Patreon page is And here are some other ways to donate.
Q06: What kinds of perks are available for supporting the tour?
A06: YOUR CURIOSITY IS FABULOUS! Firstly, everyone who supports the tour gets to nominate two tour stops. This is ensure the trip is not isolated to just those communities that provide support. Keep in mind that none of the following lists are complete. Physical perks include postcards, certificates, and artwork. Digital perks include access to blogs, vlogs, and livestreams. Altruistic perks include providing food, gas, laundry and showers for the travellers. Donor-level perks include naming sperm on the RV, naming the RV itself, and naming the website. There will also be some Meatus (“Meet Us”) perks, too. Check out all the links above for more!
Q07: Are my contributions tax-deductible?
A07: Contributions made before November 28, 2019 are tax-deductible through our former fiscal sponsor; donors will receive tax receipts on or before January 31, 2020. Contributions made after November 28, 2019 are not tax-deductible.
Q08: Are these questions actually frequently asked, or just probably frequently asked?
A08: Hmmmmm… nobody actually asked this but… Probably.